Dx w/ MS, Headed to MEB


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I thought I would try to contribute to this site as I have been lurking now for a couple of months since I received word that I likely have MS. My MRI results were described to me in Nov '11, right before Thanksgiving and show multiple brain and spinal cord lesions. Subsequent to a number of blood tests (17 vials!) and also a lumbar puncture, I was definitively diagnosed in Jan '12. I'll be referred to an MS specialist to discover treatment options to include DMD as well as symptom therapy in the next several weeks.

Some brief background info on me just to set the stage for what rules my MEB and plight will proceed. I'm an active duty USAF officer, with 17+ years of service. I only mention this because I gauge from reading so many of the other posts that terms of enlistment and length of service have a significant bearing on board outcomes.

I really don't feel too comfortable describing my medical conditions, but will do so in general terms. I experience various levels of many of typical MS symptoms. However, I am (still) mobile and have never lost my vision. I show up to work everyday, work my 10 hrs, and as far as I'm concerned I'm completely fit for duty. I recently returned from a 7 month deployment to the CENTCOM AOR and experienced no different medical issues during or after. However, MS is one of the chronic diseases which a diagnosis automatically kicks off an MEB. I'm optimistic for a positive outcome, but of course since there's some peril that my career could be cut short, I have the corresponding anxiety. The DoD's budget situation only adds to my worries.

I plan to keep this thread updated as my MEB and possibly subsequent boards progress (though I'm hoping the MEB is the end of it). Frankly since my MS diagnosis all I've done is read up on the basics of MS, likely progression, treatments and the potential impact it'll have on my career. I hope my chronical will help someone else in their efforts to learn what an MS diagnosis could mean.

I'll close by saying thanks to Jason and others who have posted.


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I'm not a medical or legal professional. But, as a former sqdn cmdr, I did have one NCO that had been diagnosed with MS, went through an MEB and was C-coded. That all happened 2-3 years before I took command of the squadron. While this NCO worked for me, his MS symptoms became more active, thus sending him to another MEB that ended up with a disability retirement for him at 20 yrs plus a few months. This guy was in an AFSC that works in the industrial areas of base around heavy equipment and on the flightline at times. So of course, his diagnose and more active symptoms made it more difficult for him to work than for someone in a staff/desk-type job.

It seems that you're well-focused right now: take care of your medical needs, educate yourself about the MEB process, and don't stress about what you can't control. Hopefully, you're situation will be once where they will only C-code you now, giving you the opportunity to make it to 20 yrs. Good luck!
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