Ebenefits and C&P exams


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Just a couple of questions I can't seem to find the answer to,

1. My ebenefits still says 'claim recieved' as of June 9th, even though my package is up at the board (still no fit or unfit but accepted to the board on August 16th) I know ebenefits isn't a reliable source of information, but should I have at least seen something other than 'claims received' by now. Since I have completed my C&P exams I at least expected to see like 'gathering evidence' or something.

2. My PEBLO gave me the notes from my C&P exams, but some of the notes say something along the lines of 'stated in summary' but I didn't get a summary page.... Can I get that summary page? Or do I just have to wait?

3. I claimed carpal tunnel in my left hand (which is my dominant hand) but the paperwork claims my dominant hand is my right hand, is that something I should worry about or just wait it out to see if I'm found unfit and then deal with the VA later?

Sorry for all the questions; I really had intended to just sit back and wait for everything, but that is categorically not in my nature, and the waiting is easier when I'm asking questions.
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