Eight year rule


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UPDATE!! My LOD appeal had moved very slowly through the process and every reviewer determined that the initial determination was correct and stated that I had provided no new evidence. So, I spoke with my NAF/SG folks about my situation a few weeks back. They reviewed my documents and the case in its entirety and recommended that I write to my congressman to put some pressure on the folks in the process. I did as they had recommended and the rep from my congressman's office called me the next day. I sent them everything I had and they forwarded a request to HAF to provide "evidence that member's condition existed prior to the period of service". Two weeks later, I have the appeal determination on my desk. MGen Flournoy (AFRC/CV) has concurred with my appeal and has determined my condition to be IN THE LINE OF DUTY!

Never give up folks. Fight the good fight from the beginning of the process when correcting the wrongs is not as arduous.
I am SO HAPPY that there is positive news in your case!! Sometimes it takes the fog to lift so that others may see?? :) I have actually flown with MG FLournoy in the past, he is a decent human from what I saw.... LOL
Keep on keeping on Fishmom! I hope things only get better for you!
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