Elbow screw waiver for Navy


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Good morning. I hope this is an appropriate place for this question. My son went to MEPS in May and was PDQ for a screw in his elbow from a wrestling injury in 2014. He had all of his medical records sent at that time to Big Navy for a waiver. They responded about 6 weeks later saying to return to MEPS for another doctors visit, where he saw a doctor and had X-rays. Another 8 weeks or so passed, and Big Navy contacted the recruiter and said we need a private consult and X-rays with an orthopedist, and also detailed a list of what they “needed.” We paid for the consult, a new set of X-rays and have the consult notes, a letter of recommendation to the recruiter. It’s been about a month since that was submitted to the Navy. How promising does this look? The orthopedist had no reservations and gave my son 100% clearance. I guess I’m looking for some sort of hope, a timeline, any kind of experience. I figure if they were going to say no, they would have said before this point and the yes is dependent on what the orthopedist said, and he said all was clear. I don’t see how the Navy could say no? The screw causes no pain, is not palpable, is deep in the bone, has full range of motion. Thanks for your help.
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