End of MEB/misconduct


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I am a 1LT (probationary officer) with 3 YOS. I am going through a MED board. I received my ratings, signed my 199 and I am now waiting to be put on the transition list next week. Unfortunately for me, I also just received a counseling for testing positive in a UA. My chain of command enrolled me in ASAP and I also just had my initial interview with CID for the investigation. They informed that this wil put a hault to the IDES process. However, my lawyer said it cannot stop my process until they officially take some type of action of separation. In the counseling it stated I will be recommended for UCMJ action and/or GOMOR but that the CG has the unltimatedecision. I know I don't have the right to a board since I am a probationary officer. I also know that my ETS date will be 90 days from when I receive it. Now,knowing that my MEB will not be put to a hault unless the CG signs a form taking action, is it possible I could ETS before this whole thinggoes down? As soon as I was counseled I assumed my MED board was automatically put onhold. But when I spoke with my lawyer about what was going on,he advised me to just "run for the door". this seems a bit sneaky but this is what he is telling me Ishould try to do. Is this good advice?? To just let everything run its course and just hope for thebest?


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What is a probationary officer? As an O4 with 12 years in, I've never seen or heard of this before.

And what's you're excuse for the drugs? You're an o man...

Regardless, I think all injured soldiers should have their injuries assessed for disability regardless of admin actions. The army bought your life, and they should properly afford you the time to account for and take responsibility of said damage. JMO, hope it works out for you.


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I tested positive for marijuana. I unknowingly injested it. I even had the ppl that were with me at the time make statements to CID to back up my story to help prove I'm telling the truth. It's my first time testing positive for anything.
And I read a probationary officer is an officer that is still fulfilling their commitment after commissioning.
But I agreed to article 15 proceedings and now I'm going to speak to the CG next week. I guess he wants to hear what I have to say. I thought I didn't have a right to a board but this is what's happening.
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