ETS Extension


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So I am officially in IDES. My ETS is in 2 weeks. Signed the consent form for medical extension with the IDES personnel like a month ago. ERB says I have medical hold (9H) and have a P3. Peblo said command will approve 4187 and I will get extended. Learned today that my company commander recommended disapproval and sent it up. Now it’s at the CG level. I don’t know what BC and BDE commanders put in there. I am just worried. I already met my MSC and expecting phone call for QTC. I do not have any pending admin cases and never had a single negative counseling. What should I do?


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An issue your PEBLO, ombudsman at the Hospital, or IG should be able to handle easily. A CC cannot simply "recommend disapproval" of the process and kick you out.
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