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Extremely slow IDES case


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Is anyone else having their case drawn out? It is getting ridiculous! I am in Maryland and feel like I gt the short end of the stick. I try and follow up with my PEBLO frequently but she never knows anything and my MTC is impossible to get ahold of. He never answers phone calls or emails. Here is my timeline:

AUG 26 2020: Enrolled into IDES
DEC 28 2020: Initial interview with MTC (YES! THERE IS ALMOST A 5 MONTH GAP!)
FEB 01 2021: Made VA appts FINALLY
MAR 11 2021: Completed appts
APR 15 2021: Find out one of the medical tests from my appts went mysteriously missing and I had to redo it
APR 23 2021: Complete required missing medical test
APR 29 2021: Diagnoses appear on tricare online
....Narrative summary, rating and separation date are all TBD

I have tried my best to email my PEBLO for updates weekly since AUG for updates with the same responses "I don't know the timelines" or "I'll forward you email to MTC". Finally once I got my VA appts I could call QTC for updates but now I have no one reliable to reach out to regarding my NARSUM.

Does anyone else have similar timelines? I'd like to get an idea for when I should receive my NARSUM, rating and separation orders....anything helps.