Feel Numb paying out of pocket for DOCTORS appointments


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So for those that read what I type thank you.

Im NUMB right now I wrote before about the NARSUM that I got and I went to my PEBLO and the medical basis thing is they do not have enough information to give me a rating for that so that is fine with me. I ask what I can do she said fight it with new evidence so I as a SOLDIER since. I have had a back injury now since 2007 and because I hardly complain about it they truly won't address the issue but instead. I have been going to physical therapy off and on and then they said they will put me on a profile for my back that. I have been on forever where I can not RUN anymore but they won't really address the issue. I believe there is something else wrong so.

I ask for a MRI never got one and they won't give me the PEBLO told me its to late to get that your on a MEDICAL BOARD you won't get that.

Has anyone heard of that, mind you I'm getting a rating for my back of only 20 percent because I did not complain enough she said so I decide to take it upon my self and get a MRI done and I paid for it out of my POCKET and found out I have a PINCH NERVE and degenerative disc disorder caused all of this.

So what can I do about this (mind you the MRI was not cheap to get on my own as a SOLDIER and pay out of pocket because the ARMY refused to do so I'm upset but I feel NUMB because they felt).

I did not complain enough nothing was wrong with me well I have PTSD and it stresses me out to wait to be seen to wait to get looked at to go over my whole story again and not only that but I also went and got a SLEEP STUDY (done mind you I had it half way done by the ARMY meaning they did the consolation but never finish up with the actually sleep study test they wanted me to do a SLEEP journal which I did but because they never finish and because I did not complain enough they said they could not give me a RATING for that on my NARSUM and I would have to fight with the VA well I got my SLEEP STUDY BACK and I have sleep apnea and have to have a CPAP).

I'm lost for words and feel like I was push to the side and Im nothing doing 18 years in the military and 6 deployments was nothing I guess and getting hit by a IED is nothing mind you Im paying out of pocket to fly to UNIVERSITY OF ARLINGTON TEXAS to get a TBI test done in there TBI clinic to see exactly what is wrong with brain mind you the ARMY said I had TBI and then because when I did my QTC to get looked at he said I do not so no rating for TBI.

Mind you I'm scared as a SOLDIER because if I do official have TBI what do I do because it seems like I'm dishing out all this money to get testing done and things done that should of been covered while I'm active duty mind you I'm still active duty don't they have a obligation to help me????
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There is a lot wrong here, more than my experience can answer so hopefully others will chime in. I had a similar issue with chronic knee pain bilatally for ten years, claimed it at CP exam and was told it would not be service connected because I only complained about it twice in ten years. They did a cursory X-ray and determined that the was nothing wrong with my knees. They still hurt to this day but whatever, I was too dumb to go get it checked out.

Now I did have some serious neurological stuff going on and I was adamant about getting it diagnosed. Military docs failed to do so for years prior to my MEB board so I took it upon myself to get tricare referrals for civilian docs to check it out. There is a form for this on the tricare website. You will have to dig for this form, they don't put it on the main page for a reason... I have to assume it's to keep us from finding it. Don't be discouraged, dig like hell!!! This form will save you thousands!! It is called a prior authorization referral form. It can save you all of that money you are spending out of pocket.

I would try to get things documented while using this preauthorization form while simultaneously trying to get an extension for the MEB/PEB to give you time to gather this evidence. You can upload whatever new medical documents you gain through Ebenefits. You can also ask at the FPEB, USAPDA appeal, and VARR to have the additional evidence considered.