Fibro Dx and initiated MEB


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Hi, I'm new here and read just about every bit of this forum and am hoping to get advice, gain more knowledge, and anything else positive. I am an E-3 in the Air force and have been in for 1.5 years.

My history:
APR 19 - Back Injury (Dr. said muscle spasms and Px Flexeril)
MAY 19 - XRAY Retrolisthesis in L Spine
JUN-SEP 19 DOD Physical Therapy (told to stop going for lack of improvement)
JUN 19 - XRAY/MRI of Spine show disc protrusion in C Spine, Mild levoscoliosis and mild arthritis in T spine
JUN 19 - MRI Achilles tendonitis
JUL 19 - BH Dx Depression/Anxiety (no medication)
AUG 19 - Dx Fibromyalgia (DOD Dr)
OCT 19 - Dx Haglunds Syndrome Bilat heels
NOV 19 - Anti CCP Levels=30 (average level for weak positive, but show no signs of RA as of now)
DEC 19 - Dx Fibromyalgia (Civ Dr)
JAN 20 - Civ Physical Therapy (recommended to stop due to worsening pain)
JAN 20 - MEB initiation for fibro

I was just referred to start the MEB process by my PCM. My PCM told me at my recent appt that I missed my initial MEB appt in DEC 19 and I told her I had no idea that anyone had started an MEB for me due to the fact that I was still being tested for other possible Dx by my Civilian RA. She stated that I missed my initial appt and would have to make another apt soon. Mind you, I have been corresponding heavily with my AF OME and they are current on the situation and were waiting to see improvement, as well as I had never been contacted to schedule said MEB appt. Then I look back at all previous appt and find out that my PCM lied and didn't refer me for a MEB previous to this recent encounter and I never had an initial MEB appt scheduled as she had said. So I'm hoping someone can give me insight on how this process works because I'm confused on a lot of the abbreviations people are using in this forum.

Much thanks in advance!


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There are multiple processes that some people mistakenly call MEB, so it is possible that your PCM misspoke.

First process is DAWG. Certain diseases, medications, injures automatically trigger the DAWG. DAWG is also triggered by profiles that exist for 1 year+. This is your local medics determining if you might fail to meet retention standards. They recommend you to the MEB if they believe you do not meet retention standards.

Second process is MEB. This is board that officially determines if you meet medical retention standards are not. If you meet standards the process stops here.

Third process is PEB. Only the PEB can retire you. But they can also return you to do with limitations.

If you are returned to duty with limitations you will likely be required to have an annual RILO. A RILO determines if your condition has improved, remains static or has deteriorated. The results are sent to medical HHQ and HHQ may initiate another MEB based on a negative RILO.

Again, some people refer to the whole process as an MEB, which is technically incorrect. It is like a person referring to all sodas as a Coke.


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Re: "Again, some people refer to the whole process as an MEB, which is technically incorrect. It is like a person referring to all sodas as a Coke. "--Mike


That (soda reference) is certainly true in Texas and other Southern states.

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