Field grade article 15 and MEB


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Im getting a field grade article 15 because me and my wife had an altercation.My narrative is done but they held off on sending it untill after my hearing.How does this affect my timeline and I have no Idea whats going to happen?Iserve my 45/60 and rank reduce maybe?My:confused: peblo said this shouldnt affect my board she said my narrative and stuff would be sent and I will still get my %.


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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but you will have to serve your punishment first.
Not accussing you of feeling this way but many Soldiers feel their status of going through an MEB makes them invincible to UCMJ actions. As long as you are still serving you still fall under the UCMJ. What more than likely will happen is once you are read your Article 15 then will your packet be sent to the PEB..possibly even after your 45 days are up. All in all my friend you will end up serving your 45 days.
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