Finally almost over. My time line:


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I am in the Florida National Guard with twenty year letter.

MEB initiated May 2010.

Met Doctor and Peblo @ Ft Steward july 2010

All C&P'S completed March 2011

Signed Nasrum on April 2 2011

Sent to PEB for Fit/Unfit April 10 2011

Received by PEB on April 12 2011

PEB found me Unfit on April 22 2011 for conditions: Anxiety Disorder, Lumbar Intrervertable Disc Syndrome, Left Side Sciatica, Cervical Intervertable Disc Syndrome and Left Side Cervical Radiculopathy.

Package received by VA on May 10 2011

VA completed Rating on August 2 2011

Received findings on August 17 2011

VA: 60%


Break Down:

Anxiety Disorder 10%
Lumbar Intervertebal Disc Syndrome 20%
Left Side Sciatica 20%
Cervical Intrevertebal Disc Syndrome 20%
Left Side Cervical Radiculopathy 10%

I feel I got low balled on the Anxiety Disorder but I am so ready for this to be over with, and since it is PDRL I am going to accept it. Thank God almost done.



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hmmm, i have not been referred to MEB yet, but my VA comp is done at 90%, i wonder if this will shorten my time in the MED/PEB process. What do you think.

congratulations on your retirement!!

John Bittner

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This sounds amazing for your breakdown of percentages. I hope mine go as well. I am just about to get my NARSUM read and I would walk on hot coals to get the outcome you have had. Good luck with the rest of the process.


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Thanks for the congrats. Green594 I was rated by the VA @ 60% before my MEB was initiated and my time line after I met with my PEBLO was around 13 months. It could be different with you, I have seen some come back quicker.



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I have a question for the forum. I am currently waiting on my retirement orders. I am Fla national Guard, it has been almost a month since i received the finding. Does any one know how long it takes to receive orders. My PEBLO told me six weeks to 2 months. Is this true? If so it seems like a long time just to receive orders.

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