Findings, PLD, What's next?


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I was found unfit for duty and given 10% by the DOD with seps pay. I was rated 80% by the VA for disablitity. I am also 23 weeks pregnant and now being told that once my new EAS populates I will be discharged. I know that you can request to stay in on a PLD status, I am currently working on this package to send to MMSR-4. However, there are just some things that I just don't understand, such as since I am getting seps pay if my package to stay in until I have my child does the time I stayed in to contiune this does that add to my time in service, becuase if so then I will be in over 4.5 rather than the 4.2 years im currently at.
Next question is when I do get out how do you know for sure how much money you will receive from the VA? I also was told something about Texas giving land to disabled vets and that is my home of record that I will be going back to when I do get out.
Also is there any advice as to what jobs I can or cannot do once I do get out. I am going to attend law school, is this still something that I can do? Where would I find this information about what jobs at what ratings you will be allowed to do? I don't want any physically demanding jobs so its not like I'm trying to push the laws, but I do still want to work? Also when I am going to school do you still get BAH for the GI bill if you are already getting disability pay?


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Texas offer land loans, separate from VA home loans.
Texas gives a break on property taxes, upto 100% for 100% P&T.
Texas gives a break on one vehicle registration if you are over 60% (A DV plate)
Some airports like DFW and Love don't charge parking to vehicles with DV plates (have to go through the cash lane)
Texas will let you go to a state college tuition free, once you VA educational benefits are depleted.
Texas give certain disable veterans state park passes and hunting/fishing combo license
All in all, it is a generous state for disabled Vets

But they don't give land!

You get BAH while in school, subject to restrictions, even while drawing disability pay.


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I find the VA uses post-secondary education against you if you have severe MH disabilities otherwise you are good. Your VA pay will be 1587.25 until your child is born then you add them and it will go up to 1675.25. If you have a hard time adjusting to civilian work TDIU is another option. Get your COE from ebenefits so you can get enrolled in school before separation law school will be very difficult with a small child but not impossible.
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