First VA Appointment


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So Thursday I had my first PEBLO meeting and being told Im unfit for duty and that I'll be going through a full MEB. She told me the VA will be calling me this coming week and I'll be having my first VA appointment soon after. I was wondering what happens at the first VA appointment and if I need to get hard copies of all my medical records before then or if they are electronically sent over to them.


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As for your first VA appointment I am unsure as I haven't been through that process. As for your medical records, they should have everything electronically, but that being said, it never hurts to have copies of all of your military records on hand. Just in case they forget something. You should know how paperwork magically disappears.


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At my husbands VA appointment he had to have his list of everything he wantes to claim that he’d been seen for and they have a list of everything they ‘find’ in your records. They had 3 things, we had 18!! After all the c&p exams there are 19 of which 15 are things we had listed.


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Copies and Related information.

Twenty-seven years ago when I submitted my retirement application, another old soldier suggested i obtain a copy of every single paper in my medical files and the same from my Personnel File and DA Form 2-1 (at the time), which records assignments, awards, etc.

That was one of best suggestions ever offered to me.

My personal rule: Don't assume anything regarding documentation.



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Take a list of things you want to claim to the meeting. The MSC will review you records and come up with a list also. I was impressed with my MSC. While I had a couple of things he didn't have; he had around a dozen I never thought to claim. We combined list, he scratched of things that would be rated as one disease and the process took off.
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