Fit or Unfit Question.


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Hello everyone,

Currently in the process and waiting for my VA hearing exam so I can move onto the next stage. My EAS is December 31. I was told because I’m so close to my EAS, the board would likely find me fit for duty. Has anyone experienced this being true? If it is true and I’m found fit, what happens to my VA exams I’ve already done? Would I have to restart the entire process over and get new exams?

Thank you for your time.


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Your EAS ought not to effect a fit/unfit decision. Typically members are put on med hold, if necessary, for the process to finish. For those who are separated as a result of the IDES process, the VA opens a second claim and as soon as a DD-214 is uploaded by the member it closes and the vet gets paid at the appropriate time.

Hopefully the same thing would happen if separations results due to EAS.
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