Fit / Unfit Finding


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Thank you for the feedback in my previous post - I may not have worded my question correctly.

I read on an old post from March of 2020 that, "when you see 2 claims on one closed and one opened this means the VA has finished your proposed ratings which basically means you were found UNFIT" . So my question is.. is this a true sign that you have been found unfit? Or is there no way to tell during the waiting period of 45-60 days until you get your findings back from the PEBLO?

My package was sent to the Informal PEB a few weeks ago and want to know if there is a way I can get an idea of Fit / Unfit while waiting.

I am not looking for ratings or percentages. Just wondering if there is a way to tell if you have been found unfit while you are waiting for the results to help plan for the future with my family and kids.