Five Years for an LOD Need some help.


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Oct 29, 2018
Not sure where to post this as it relates to the USAF and Air Guard not the Army but this is the only LOD forum so here goes.
If there is a proper place please let me know or move this thread to there. Thanks.

The short version is in 2013 while on active duty Title 32 orders for training out of state, the Navy doctors did what the Air Force doctors refused to do and did MRI's of my shoulders and not just X-rays. Found out that both my rotator cuffs where completely torn off (yes all four muscles with full thickness tears with the right retracting. Navy started an LOD. Returned to my unit and my commander started another LOD. Due to injuries from prior active duty and combat tours I already had a 100% P&T rating from the VA that included service connections for bi-lat shoulders. Over the course of the next five years I had surgery to both shoulders and spent over 1 year in slings (half for each shoulder). Plus years of PT although the right was interrupted due to surgery on the left. During this time I was on various profiles for the Guard and only getting my weekend drill pays for the times I was able to attend. Course the VA was taking that all back at a 2 to 1 rate! My LOD sat our States Guard HQ for about a year and then at NGB for another 4 years. The LOD was finally returned approved as In the Line of Duty this summer. After I filed a complaint with my congressional delegates. Since then nothing happened. So I filed for retirement as I have over 31 years in with the AF only counting 21 (dif. long story). Had a retirement ceremony for my retirement on September 11, 2018. Two days later I was called by my commander and told that there was possible some issues with my retirement and would I have a meeting with him the following day. Did some late night regulations reading to see why and found that by regulations I was suppose to have been kept on orders during that entire time, and that during that time I was also not allowed to be transferred, go TDY, be discharged or retire. So during my meeting with my commander, our medical group and personnel group I was un-retired and informed that this was all true and that they were starting the MEB process to medically discharge me.
Last week I was ordered by the AF to have x-rays taken of my shoulders again as they need a more current evaluation of my shoulders by a military doctor. Although I do not have a properly assigned PMA the active duty hospital has scheduled me to be seen my an Orthopedic PA late November as that was the soonest they had an opening with the ONLY person I could be evaluated by. Just as the last 30 years show, x-rays will not show the type of damage I have to my shoulders only an MRI will yet they will not order an MRI again!

As a side not, all my injuries are combat related. Yet due to DOD and VA POLICY medics are NON-combatants so they are never in combat and can not receive combat injury's, so even thought my VA rating states combat in the narrative's, the actual rating is 100% total and permanent non combat related.

I have tried my IG, my congressional delegates and even a letter to my commander in chief (nothing but criquets and a letter from the CIC saying how great he is doing with the Va system. My commander supports me as little as he can but my State Guard TAG will not even return my calls.

Alaska has no Soldiers Council or lawyers that handle military law. So any and all help will be appreciated.
Thanks to anyone that has read this far :) and this is the short version!