formal board results questions.


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for those who do not know my husband's story - he was referred for the MEB and was found FIT.
he contested this, due to wanting an UNFIT finding, and was granted a FPEB.
FPEB was two weeks ago.
still no word on results from FPEB.

we were looking over paperwork that my husband signed, and it states that the findings from the FPEB [FIT or UNFIT] would be MAILED to him?

this seems rather odd, to mail findings from such a 'big deal' of the medboard process.

can anyone confirm that this is, in actuality, how he will find out his findings from the formal board?

i've attached the part of the document that states this.

thanks, everyone! you all have been such a huge support!

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 9.53.07 AM.png


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i receive my findings in about 30 minutes after doing the FPEB they changed mine to a v1 rating have no clue what that means I was just told its good


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my husband is fighting a fit finding to get an unfit - most rating contestings are given the results that day [from what i have been told]
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