Fort Hood Behavioral Health FFD process


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Hello all,

I assume this is the first step to out. One of my Doctors called Tricare and advised them he had concerns and I needed help so that ended in the Army contacting me and requesting my medical records and now what appears to be a permanent profile. I was referred to Fort Hood Behavioral Health for Fit for Duty evaluation.

Can anyone tell me anything about what to expect at this FFD Process. I have been using Tricare Remote since 2013 and staying off the Army radar trying to make it to my 20 years, but guess it wasn't meant to be. So now I am going down the road that all of you have gone down.

I have been reading a LOT on this forum but I can't find a specific entry on what the FFD Process is and what to expect when I get down there. And after that evaulation is that when the rest of the process I have read about starts? ie the MEB, PEB, ext.

Thanks again for any help you can provide.

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