Found Fit after IRILO and returned to duty, trying to get code 50 BOP


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Hopefully I explain all of this properly because it's all a bit confusing to me.

Back in April I was sent to IRILO for a medical condition and found fit and returned to duty with ALC-C1. I'm currently in a code 50 job so I should be eligible for a BOP. When I went to submit my application on vMPF it kicked back the following error:

"The system of record reflects your Reenlistment Eligibility Code as {4K-MEDICALLY DISQUAL OR PENDING MEB/PEB EVAL}. You cannot apply for a base of preference while in this code."

I checked my CDB and that code is in there but should it not have been removed after being returned to duty? I've looked through all the AFIs that I can find but haven't found anything relating to this code. Do I have any options? I want to have my supervisor contact AFPC but I'd rather not send him in empty handed. Any assistance would be very appreciated.

Also, I'm not sure if this is relevant but I don't plan to reenlist to take this assignment as I'll only be required to extend a few months to get the required retainability.


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same thing happened to me, I had to keep pinging my PEBLO and MPF about it till finally somebody took the code off


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Just curious, what was your medical condition you were retained with?
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