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I don’t think you’re overly involved but I say that because my husbands PEBLO has strongly encouraged me/spouses to participate so they know what is going on and sometimes spouses have information that can help out as (I know I do) they tend to keep better records of Dr visits, issues, and just all around are in the know. Plus a lot of classes are for spouses and SM here to prepare us for the future of life without military. I have had questions my husband would never have thought of as his job is different then my ‘job’ as housewife/full time mom. :)
And I too am happy to see another spouse asking questions and seeking answers/help. My husband is crazy busy with lots of other things so sometimes me asking is just easier as he could post a question but not have time to get back to it for replies for a long while.


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Thank you! It looks as if a civilian lawyer is warranted at this time. Just unsure if we need to wait to do this, or have him go through the MEB again in six months. (His neurologist says he will be putting him back up if the migraines persist as frequently as they have)
Indeed, you are quite welcome!

Hmm, have you definitely exhausted all IDES PEB appeal opportunities at this point while on military active duty? If yes, then hiring a civilian attorney may probably not yield any different results at this point in the IDES process. If no, then there may be other legal opportunities to pursue with a civilian attorney at this point in the IDES process.

Alternatively, waiting another six months to be referred into the DoD IDES MEB/PEB process may yield a favorable outcome especially if the medical symptomology of husband's migraines are continually persistent or has become worst. Then, upon receipt of the IPEB findings, hiring a seasoned civilian PDES attorney would be most advantageous at least in my opinion.

By all means, please ensure that medical evidence and/or medical documentation is available to validate his current migraine symptomology (e.g., ER visits, PCM visits, military quarters, migraine log, etc.) during the next six months or so. Also, don't hesitate to utilize (e.g., visit) a medical provider at any point in time if the migraine symptomology is affecting his ability to perform any activities of daily living.

For sure, now is not the time to "suck it up" because it's simply not healthy and it can have a significant affect on the results of an IDES case; as you are already fully aware! Take care!

Thus, I quite often comment that "possessing well-informed knowledge is truly a powerful equalizer!"

Best Wishes!
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