FPEB appeal questions?


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I have a date for my FPEB hearing and have a couple of questions. First of all I'm appealing for a Return to Duty at the 18yr 4 month mark. As far as witness statements for my appeal goes, how much does the Board take these into consideration? I have statements from 2 Colonel's, 4 Lt Colonel's, and 1 CMSgt, all of which are requesting the Board to return me to duty. As far as my hearing goes, are there any advantages or disadvantages to appealing in person, versus VTC, or even phone? My reporting instructions say that if I request VTC or hearing by phone, if it's approved, my hearing will normally be on the day after my previously scheduled reporting date. I'm assuming my chances of getting a return to duty are probably higher at the SECAFPC level? If all appeals fail, I'd like to apply for LAS. Does anybody have any experience dealing with this? Thank you.


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I think the board receives letters because they carry some weight. However all the letters in world will not prevail in a clear cut case of pervasive physical incapacitation. If you have letters, use them.


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I read to never accept the VTC or telephone interview. Make them see you in person and have a full hearing that cannot be ended by hanging up the phone. One story I read said he was asking for an adjustment from TDRL to PDRL and once he denied the telephone hearing they approved his request without even having the real hearing.
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