FPEB Rationale?


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I had my FPEB back on 23May, and have not recieved any updates. I called the PEB office and the Chief said my case is shown to be waiting for the formal board to write their rationale and then to be signed by the PEB president (I'm Navy). My ebenefits says review of evidence, which hasn't changed in months.

Any experience with what this means as far as whether I will get FIT or UNFIT. I was fighting a IPEB FIT finding to get found UNFIT. My attorney said I had more then enough evidence, but had a very tough board.

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So, the fact that it's taking a long time is probably good news for you, even though it's frustrating. And the longer it takes, the more likely the news is good.

The Board doesn't take all that long to write up decisions these days. Used to take about 2 months, but it's been down to a few weeks recently. If they're still writing up their decision (as Chief Price seems to be saying), then it could go either way. But that would be an unusual amount of time. Maybe the 4th slowed things down a little.

More likely, though, is that the case is held up at the VA. That would be very good news for you. Since you were found FIT previously, your case didn't need to go to the VA for rating. If you're found UNFIT this time around, they'll need to send everything to the VA raters in Rhode Island to review your stuff. Typically takes them between 4-8 weeks (just an estimate) to get those ratings back to the Board. The Board then finalizes their rationale and sends it to your PEBLO, who notifies you.

So, bottom line, you could get notified of a FIT finding tomorrow. But the longer it takes to get a response, the more likely it is that the file has been sent to the VA. They would only do that if they found you UNFIT.


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Just an update: I spoke with my PEBLO today and the formal board did find me UNFIT. Just waiting on ratings to come back from the VA. My PEBLO sent me my results today without them thinking my ratings were 0%, but after some digging by my PEB attorney, what I received today was just a draft.

One of my UNFIT conditions is PTSD, so is it correct that I will get 50% from DoD and reevaluate in 6 months?
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