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FPEB help. Type 1 diabetes rated at 20 percent again, I have been to the hospital, and cannot stay in the infantry or go into special operations where I was headed to next. All because I don't have a'' restriction of activities''.I had a very strong case in my opinion for 40 and made multiple arguments .Please help any info would be appreciated.


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Sorry for the delay. Based on the minimal information, I would highly recommend you seek legal council ASAP. The owner of this website is a damn good Federal Court of Appeals lawyer and knows how to navigate it. 1-800-576-5648.



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Sounds like they are rating you at 20% but you have a case for 40%.... is that correct?

If so, I recommend you ask your doctor currently treating you to fill out a DBQ on your behalf and when the time comes after the FPEB, submit a VARR to get the 20 bumped to 40.
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