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Hello all. I'm going to try to be brief:
I broke my shoulder in the final evaluation of Navy boot camp. I had two days left of boot camp, had no more physical evaluations, and honestly only thought i had a serious labrum strain. I was on hold after boot camp for a month waiting for orders and was advised to not say anything until I made it A school. It took another 4 weeks for medical to get me an MRI (roughly 9 weeks after the initial injury), and upon realizing it was a fracture, put me in an immobilizing sling without physical therapy for 8 weeks while awaiting an appointment with the Ortho doc (yes, no available appointments for 2 months).

Since that time I've had 4 cortisone injections from 3 different docs, seen 3 different physical therapists, and have missed 2 PRT's (one on a PRT waiver and one of LIMDU). I still have decreased range of motion, constant pain, calcifications in rotator cuff, an impingement, and on/off numbness in the arm. Furthermore, I have always be concerned a labrum tear went undiagnosed. I've been on just about every anti-inflammatory and pain medication possible, nothing works (even vicodin). I've recently asked my doctor for a referral to see a new Ortho doc who specializes in shoulders, who is not one of the Navy preferred doctors in my area but still in the TriCare network.

I have 19months in service (6 year contract), currently at a sea duty (yes, one of my docs cleared me), I've been keeping with my physical therapy, although I have missed a few appts here and there. I've taken the meds as prescribed. I'm due to take my first PRT since boot camp next month, and can just barely perform my absolute minimum push ups (only going down to about 45* bend due to calcifications)

I'm just curious, if seeing this new doctor does initiate medboard somehow, what should I expect in terms of a potential discharge? To be honest, at this point I wouldn't mind getting out, I'd just like to retain my Montgomery GI Bill benefit for Grad school (I already have a BA) Will it look badly that I didn't go to medical right away? My CoC doesn't know I'm still pursuing medical attention, I was advised by a senior enlisted friend to not bring it up until this new doc gives recommendations. Any advice, recommendations, or otherwise are welcome.
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