From QFRB to Medical Retirement

I am hoping to get a little more concrete information here because it seems there aren't many people in my situation so my searching has produced very few results.
I was separated under AF QFRB 29 September 2014 after 14 years 9 months of service. I think it was January/February timeframe of 2014 that I was put in an MEB prior to being notified of possible QFRB. I am under the impression, through my research, that during the MEB process you are "coded" to prevent orders or any other actions from happening. This did not happen if that is true and I was separated. Initially, the VA rated me as 50% MDD, 60% narcolepsy and 10% migraines for a total of 70%. I am now a total of 90%(appeal in progress). The MEB was initiated for either the MDD or narcolepsy or maybe both.
I understand that an application would need to be submitted to the board of corrections but I am not sure what needs to be included and if this has to be done within a certain amount of time after discharge. Do I need a lawyer to help with this or do I even have a chance at making things right?
I was a great Airman and had 5 EPRs the entire time I was in until I made one mistake at the wrong time which resulted in an LOR from the commander and a referral EPR. It just kills me inside to know that I gave so much and left with nothing.
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