Full left knee replacement


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I was deploy in 2017 to Kuwait were I hurt my left knee. In december 2017 I have the first surgery to clean and repair the cartilage but the injury was worst so they take it all out. We try already the gel injection and right know I'm going to a full knee replacement. At the moment everything is under Tri Care and MED CON orders. I would like to know if I need a PEB after release from the doctor and is expected to have some limitation like the PT run and walk and in lifting equipment. What is involve in this evaluation? and what type of determination can they take?


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If you receive a TKR( Total Knee Replacement) depending on your job you will probably be put in for an MEB. If you work in a career field where there are a lot of impact activities then you will surely go through an MEB. If you work something more like a desk job they may try and retain you depending on your job performance and see you as an asset. After a TKR you are not supposed to run or do impact activities. That doesn't necessarily stop some people. A lot also depends on which branch of service you belong to. Also if you do go through an MEB and are found unfit, a TKR is 100% for the first year and drops to a minimum of 30% after that, which means you will be medically retired. I have had 5 knee surgeries, 4 ACL replacements. I have been told by civilian doctors that I need a knee replacement because of the constant pain from repetitive surgeries which most likely caused severe nerve damage. The military says that as long as I can bend my knee to 90 degrees even though there is constant pain which worsens throughout the day and with daily activities. Also they say my age is a big factor, I'm 31. I hope I answered some of your questions.


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Yes, I'm already 53 years old, I'm in the Air National Guard so it is almost sure that I will be going to an MEB since my job here require a lot of impact activities, jet engine mechanic C17, so thanks for the answer it will help me prepare for the next step. Surgery will be in 2 weeks.


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just had a TKR on Jan.7 2019. waiting for my temp. 100% to kick in. VA.gov says presumably by 3-2019?
I have an appeal that was remanded from the BVA since 2012.which states that I need a medical C&P because the last one in 2015 did not suffice and therefore the BVA threw it out.
Problem is that I have received a TKR already, and the C&P was for my increase of benefits. I am reading a lot of case law that says the AMC will have to use the last medical record which was 2017 from my ortho?
your take?
  1. how long usually does it take for my 100% to kick in for the TKR?
  2. anyone's take on the appeal?
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