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Fundraising Campaigns (Not endorsed by the PEB FORUM)


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The PEB Forum generally does not permit Fundraising Campaigns (like gofundme or other like services).

Occasionally, a notice regarding a good cause for veterans and is associated with a non-profit organization, may be considered. Notices of that nature may be posted in the FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGNS subforum. They will be reviewed by a moderator and if they meet the intent of this forum, they will be approved.

It is explicit that any campaign is not endorsed by the PEB FORUM. Any donations made to a linked campaign are subject to the terms of the service and the PEB FORUM is not a guarantor or party to the transaction. We have no liability for any fraud, bad acts, or misuse of financial information used to fund the campaign. It is up to each person to investigate any campaign and to take steps to protect their own financial information. Any links to campaigns that are clicked on are the sole decision of the member clicking on the link and are not monitored or vouched for by the PEB FORUM. Caveat emptor.

The URL for the SOCIAL/OFF TOPIC FORUM is: Fund Raising Campaigns

All posts of that nature must be in that forum. NO MULTIPLE POSTS and NO POSTING in the threads of others will be allowed. Additionally, signature block links to the campaign are not allowed.

Bumping the thread will not be allowed. Only subsequent posts on the forum may be to thank folks when the goal is reached, the person has a significant recovery (or, dies, is buried, etc.).

Moderators will review posts in the FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGNS and determine if they will be allowed to remain. At the sole discretion of the PEB FORUM, we may delete any posts determined to be inappropriate. Posts found to be acceptable will remain the FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN sub-forum.

11 July 2019
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