GAO Report on Recovering Servicemembers

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I have posted the GAO Report on Recovering Servicemembers. It can be found in the downloads section here: Physical Evaluation Board Forum - PEB Library - GAO Report on Recovering Servicemembers

While it is good to see that someone is looking at the efforts of the DoD and the VA in implementing the law, I would say that there is a huge ommission in this report. It covers only the publication of policies. It does not address the more important question of if the Military Departments are actually implememnting and executing these policies.

I can tell you that they are not. I am continuing to see huge gaps in the implementation to the right to an Independent Medical Advisor. This is just one example (there are several others) of there being a policy in place, but no action.

I will post more later, but I highly recommend reading this report.


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you r correct. that report is buinch of crap...more smokescreens...more avoidance on making the DOD ratings fair...and going along with the va ratings...

keep us filled in...



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Agreed. Who throws up the evaluation criteria present in this report? I feel like each report I've read, with the exception of a few PDA guidelines Jason has posted, are exactly what you said, cover and concealment!

What I find interesting is best characterized by this statement I pulled from page 13,

DOD and VA Have Completed All of the Requirements for Developing Policy on the Medical Evaluation and Disability Evaluation of Recovering Servicemembers

"Mr. Chairman, we have identified all the policies that needed to be implemented. We have formulated these policies and have concluded that these policies have been formulated. Moving on..."

Where's the oversight for putting these policies into practice????