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Getting Chaptered out of AIT


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I’m getting recommended for a chapter 5-10 EPTS. I Had a mental breakdown in AIT. My packet was submitted to 01/07/2022. My commander said legal usually comes back after two weeks. My question is what are the next steps in the process? Is there a possible time frame I’m looking at from this point forward? I’m Mentally struggling a lot. Especially having to come back after HBL and still waiting for this process. I joined with good intentions thought I could handle it. Please if you have information comment. Not looking for criticism I’m already shameful as hell. Appreciate it tremendously. Also if medical and my commander both recommended separation, is it possible that brigade may still want to retain me? Or suspend separation for whatever reason?


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How long have you been on AD?
No one here should be judging. The goal is to be helpful. A Chapter can happen rather fast. So work on plan on what you want to next and where you want to be to start your plan. Good luck. Also seek legal counsel, it is free.
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