Getting Recommended for a MEB need advice.


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A little background on me. I have 11 years active and am a current AGR in the Guard. I was diagnosed in August for Eosinophilic Esophagitis and October for PTSD. Yesterday the state behavioral health officer informed me that at my Monday appointment at the VA i need my Psychologist to fill out my restrictions because he will be giving me a P3 profile. I guess I'm just asking for advise on is there anything i should do to prepare for the MEB or anything so i can be as prepared as i can. any input would be much appreciated.


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Hoping to get guidance on how to proceed. My State BH Provider told me i need to get a Functional Capacity Certificate to show my restrictions so they can make my perm profile. The Va Doc told me that Due to legal stuff the VA can not determine fitness for duty. So now i have the State BH is telling me that i need that and the Va says they cant so its one big circle now.


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Hey man I am just starting the MEB process for EoE, I wanted to see if you can answer a couple questions for me?
1. Is EoE Unfitting?
2. What percentage did you get from the military and from the VA for EoE?
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