Going to Phase 1 and Phase 2 physical how long after that. Also I am rated 60%


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Need help here. I am in the Guard now and have 16 total good years 12 active duty 4 guard. I was sent to see a Dr down at Ft Knox where he declared me unfit. I am now going to go thru Phase 1 and 2 Physical on 30 - 31 Aug. Does it take long after that to be put out? I am recieving 60% from the VA now 50% for PTSD and the other 10 for fractured ankle from a fast rope a hernia and 10 dislocated left shoulder. I was wondering since I am getting the VA now if that helps with the decision for my board. I am actually getting boarded for lumbar spine 3 heriated disk a small annual focal tear and nerve damage that causes my left leg to burn non stop. I was also hit by an arc of lightning while at mob site befor going to Iraq. So that is one of the things they are looking at as well. Because I have real bad joint pain. anyway if someone could please help me I would be greatful because Iam getting nothing from my unit.

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Welcome! The timing question is hard to answer. I have seen cases process very quickly (the exception, rather than the rule) and very slowly. It depends on many factors including the complexity of your case, how well the MEB is drafted and the workload at the PEBs. The VA rating is good evidence of what you should be rated at, so that can help (though, they don't automatically apply the VA rating except in Pilot Program cases).

It sounds like you should be retired. It also sounds like you should get at least one combat-related finding.
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