Got letters from SGP and HQ AFRC/SG


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1st letter from HQ AFRC/SG
1. We have reviewed the medical documents ratio on subjects t member and determined ed that she is medically disqualified for co tinted Murray duty.
2. Subject member's case has been forwarded to HQ ARPC/DPTTS for further processing.
3. The medical unit commander or his /her designated representative will immediatiatelynotify the member, member's commander, and the MPF of this action.

Signed by HQ Air Force Reserve Command (ADRC)
Office of the Commas Surgeo Aerospace Medicine Divisiom
Physical Exama and Standards Branch
2nd letter from SGP
1. We have determined the subject member is medically disqualified for continued military duty in accordance with AFI 48-123 Chap 5, para Recommend DQ. Please see case comments
Thank you by reason of
Diagnosis Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
2. Review of availablerecords and automated systems reveals no line of duty determinations finalized or in process with positive determination for the disqualifying condition(s) identified in paragraph 1 of this memorandum.
3. This case is forwarded to your office for appropriate administrative action.

Signed by HQ Air Force Reserve Comand (AFRC)
Office of the Command Surgeon Aerospace Medicine Division
Physical Exams and Standards Branch
4/7/2018 6:11:27PM

My medical group stayed it looks like they let paperwork expire so I have to do this all again? Please someone help me understand.


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Ok wont let me edit this so I am med disqualified fir continued military duty, because of my PTSD. Looks like AFRC sat too long and my stuff expired (narrative and narsum) some people say they are trying to Med me. Wouldn't I want a medical retirement? I have 30 years total fed service with 27 good years above 3500 points.i have been nonpayment no poi ts since 2015. My PTSD was determined to be service connected and the VA has rated me with a 90% disability with a rating of 70% on PTSD alone, 30 on sinuses,30 on IBS, 10 on back, left leg,right left and left ankle 10 on tinnitus as well. Am I getting run around? Am I gonna have to resubmit again? Please please help!
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