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New to the forum so excuse me if this is the wrong page to post. I'm beginning my process next week as my doctor is submitting my packet to the PEB board next week. Im an 0311 with a little less then 2 years in service. I had a hammer toe i was born with that was causing me problems during hikes, runs, and drilling which made me have surgery to be removed. Now i can't bend my big toe at all for the rest of my life. I can move it up and down however not physically curl it. I have pain when walking in the knuckle of the toe. Just curious as I've been looking around I understand you go through the PEB and if found unfit you go to the MEB and such (if I'm correct). How common is it for the PEB to find you for unfit for certain most which for me is infantry and transferred to another most? thanks


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You go through MEB first, if found unfit you then go to PEB. It's near impossible to comment on "how common is it for the PEB to find you unfit and change MOS" Best of luck


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Fitness is a function of your MOS. Standards vary based on MOS.
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