guillain-barré syndrome recovery; 6 Mo from EAOS


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Hey everyone, I'm just looking for a little guidance and an idea of what in facing here.
Quick backround: I was TDY in the south Pacific when I was hit with Guillain-Barré syndrome. I called international SOS and went to the in- country hospital, while there i received a 5 day treatment orf IVIG and was finally released to fly back to Pearl Harbor. I've been recovering for 3.5 months now but my recovery stalled out a month ago leaving me with hip issues bad enough to where I require a cane to get around.
Now, I'm 6 months from EAOS, still on CON leave, and on LIMDU.
Is being LIMDU going to hold up my separation? It's being highly recommended that I seek a MEB.

I'm kind of lost.
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