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Gulf War Syndrome - Depression/Mental Illness in children


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Hi I was wondering if there are any Desert Storm veterans that would be willing to share about their children's mental health, I'm a 21 year old who's father served in desert storm (1-8 Cav) who is dealing with major clinical depression, with a background of severe headaches, and I was wondering if anyone who was deployed during the first part of the war, has children aged 15 - 21 who are dealing with depression or chronic headaches that don't respond well to medication. Thanks for your time I know that there are a lot of studies that have been done, but it seems like most of them are related to birth defects, rather than mental illness later in their lives.
My husband served in Iraq and Afghanistan but post 9/11. He came back from Iraq with come severe mental issues. They have diagnosed him with PTSD but that doesn’t even cover the amount of symptoms he has. His personality changed when he came home and it got significantly more volatile over time. He stoped talking time all his friends and family. He has no social connections. His memory has gotten so bad over time as well. He’s only 32 but can’t remember anything unless I remind him just before. Even if I called in the morning to remind him of something, he totally forgets by the afternoon.

Our daughter has severe ADHD and by kindergarten was diagnosed with “explosive behavior disorder” and a receptive language delay. She was conceived two years after he came home from Iraq. Sometimes I wonder if this didn’t contribute to her mental health problems. But then again, having a parent who isolates themselves from everyone including their children and has extreme mood swings can also impact a child’s mental health.

I just don’t understand how PTSD could change everything about the man I fell in love with. It’s like he came home an empty shell with nothing but anger and self-loathing. Granted people change over time but he was only in Iraq for 15 months.