Has anyone holding TS been separated due to anxiety?


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US Navy,12 years,has UC(under control),been cleared to return to duty but unfortunately i have developed a case of extreme anxiety when i was transferred to my new command a couple of months ago due to the overly high pace environment since we are undermanned and i am extremely overworked doing the job of 5 ppl.I understand that this forum is just for PEB/MEB candidates and i am looking for someone who has gone through a similar condition/situation or has knowledge of the outcome of the situation should the Navy decide to board me .Given the condition i am in right now,i will be either referred to counselling or worse case scenario,will be given medication.On top of my UC,i honestly do not see the Navy keeping me in any longer,unfortunately.

I am an IT holding a TS clearance .I have been doing a little bit of research online before i got on this site and from my understanding,the Navy hardly keep members with an extreme case of anxiety in.I know i am going to end up seeking help very soon and is holding it out because of my irrational fear of what would happen to my TS clearance and would like to better prepare myself should the doctor decide that i need to be on meds and have to medically retire or admin separated for my anxiety.

1)will my TS clearance be revoked?
2)will i get it back once i exit the military?
3)will it be harder for me to get it back and get a civilian job?

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You shouldn't have any worries... They can't touch u for anxiety.. But if you were to loss it its nit easy to get back especially civilian because it is so expensive to get. Make sure to keep it. You have it for 5 years don't let it expire. But as far as anxiety you shouldn't have anything to worry about. I believe the if I remember the only mental health you have to divulge is PTSD


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I dont think they will take your clearance away(its not a disciplinary action so they cant hold a medical condition against you) but they might take you out of the job field . For me when I was in the Navy I was also an IT. First you will more than likely get put on med hold for 30-60 days get evaluated . Getting separated from the Navy is a long process .(for medical) Took me about 2 years 6 months from start to finish . Message Chief .
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