Hatmaker v. United States

Hatmaker v. United States 2014-10-02

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Hatmaker v. United States - Hatmaker v. United States- a case that deals with PDBR issues, inter alia.

This is a Court of Federal Claims case dealing with several issues with appeals before the Physical Disability Board of Review.

Substantively, this was a good outcome for the Plaintiff; however, there are some issues that I think would be appealable (especially as to what consideration should be given to VA ratings, and the import of timings of the VA ratings that should be given "special consideration; unfortunately, due to the procedural posture of the case, these issues are unlikely to be...
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When the PDBR instruction first came out, it specifically stated only conditions deemed unfitting by the PEB could be reviewed by the PDBR. I kicked DOD in the side of the head on that one and the reversed their position. Your welcome Mr. Hatmaker!



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I met the requirements only to have the DDA deny the retirement...with all the documentation for the ratings unfitting according to the Army MEB PEB
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