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So how does the tricare health insurance work once medically retired? Does the cost change? Does the plan or coverage change? Or does everything pretty much stay the same? The reason I ask is this. I'm basically a few months away from retiring. September 2020 at the latest if all goes as planned. But we just found out this month, May 2020, we were pregnant. How will this work out? Any info or advise is appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


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@Antonio33 you should be attending TAPS briefings and being put in to contact with VA and Tricare reps, for people that are eligible for Tricare after service they "types" of Tricare rules still apply (ie: Prime, Prime Remote, etc.) You just have to decide what plans you want out of what you are eligible for and set up payments for deductions and annual premiums and co-pays. The only part that really changes is who your provider can and will be and how much it costs.


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You can purchase any TriCare plan as a family upon retirement. If you follow up as your will be briefed, there will be no gap in coverage,
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