Heart Bypass and ANG


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I had Quadrupale Heart Bypass Graft in June while on ADT orders in the Air National Guard. I had applied for and was scheduled to retire in Aug with 23+ years (the points add up up to just over 10 yrs AD). My retirement was pushed back 6 months while I recovered and attended cariac rehab. I also had a MI and a stent in 2003 while on AD. Originally I had a VA rating of 60% then was decreased to 10%. I requested a MEB because the medical people were not going to request one due to me retiring in a few more months. My questions are: 1. Has anyone else dealt with this before? 2. Does this qualify for a MEB? 3. Will my ETS date be extended for the MEB/PEB to be processed and how long? 4. What are my chances for an early retirement?


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1) Yes
2) Probably. This hinges on some details. See AR 40-501 para 3-21. I believe this will fall under a.(4)
3) Yes. Since you are NG this question is slightly murky. Are you still on AD orders? The basic gist is your status isn't supposed to change while in the MEB, but sometimes they change it just before the official MEB start, either to bring you on or off AD. Normally during a MEB they do 6 months extensions, but since you are over 20 years they generally just put it out to some date way out there. Once everything is complete they move the date up and you are out in 3 months, well if unfit, if found fit then the retirement paperwork takes over again. The entire process is supposed to take around a year, some are faster, some slower.
4) This question confused me. An early retirement to me means before 20 years. I think you mean disability retirement which would qualify you for immediate retirement money rather than waiting until 60. I would think its quite good. You should already have some basic idea of how they rate heart problems. As long as they rate it at over 30%, should be disability retirement. The problem then becomes you have to waive retirement pay for VA pay. Be sure to read up on CRDP. It is possible that waiting for your normal retirement at 60 is actually a better deal.
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