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I’m looking into filing a PDBR review but I don’t want to waste my time if there is no hope. My case is complicated. I was a nuclear machinist mate on submarines and had a specialty in chemistry and radiological controls. I was medically discharged after having a cancerous tumor removed from my leg and following complications after surgery. I was disqualified from submarine and nuclear Duty based on the cancer. My PEB rating was 10% in 2002 based on “knee pain”. My first VA claim was very disorganized and I didn’t realize you needed to submit claims for every condition so I claimed knew pain and got 20% from my initial VA claim (10% for each knee).
I recently got help from the DAV and my service connection for disability is 90% combined and 150% for each separately.
My questions:
Because my initial VA rating was 20%, is it possible to get a 30% or higher in the PDBR?

I was also diagnosed with severe nerve damage due to the surgery after my PEB rating but before my discharge.

Also, should the fact that I was disqualified from both submarine and nuclear duty been considered in my medical discharge? I feel it should have because BUMED would not allow me to return to my rate in which I was qualified due to a medical condition. I was not provided an opportunity to cross rate?

Who can help my case? I got an application for the NVLSP but the application states that they will not take my case because my initial VA rating was not 30% or above.


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You can file yourself. If your medical records, at the time of discharge, indicate severe nerve damage you have a decent chance. Thing that got worse, after discharge, will not be helpful.
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