Help filling for PED/VA reconsideration!!


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I will start with my question. What do I need for my rebuttal if I have to do it myself without help from IDES lawyers? what paperwork do I need and does anyone have a template or example?
Now the background: I'm going through the IDES process (Army) and I just obtained my VA rating and I do not agree with the rating. I think it should be higher especially that m ortho's findings during my last appointment agree with my claim. My condition is way worse than the VA rated it (had three unsuccessful knee surgeries and still doing physical therapy). My issue is that the IDES lawyers wont help me because my doctor forgot to write down in his notes all the new diagnosis he found a week ago but I went by his office and his nurse assured me he will get it fixed. Then I had to write a memo myself to the PEB requesting 10 extension days because the IDES lawyer refuse to help. I got approved for 10 days but I have no idea what the rebuttal/reconsideration is supposed to look like. Also should I request a Formal PEB if I agree with being unfit but I need the rating for the unfitting condition to be increased?
Thank you for any info you can provide. I am really desperate and I only have 9 days left.
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