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Good afternoon everyone I am not on a meb board yet buy my PA casually said "if you have to go through that it doesn't mean you didn't anything wrong don't"

I summited a packet for commission but
On March 10 I was on my way to work going about 60mph someone ran me off the road loss consciousness. I didn't break any bones but did hit myself in the head (mild TBI) nasal fracture. on March 9 I was dizzy and fell from the 3rd step loss consciousness went to ER for the second time (mild damage to c2-c6). I have been having headaches, backpain and joint pain (I already had sprained hand before) and radiating pain on my dominant hand and joints of the arm. I need to take a PT test in order to go to bolc. I understand the meb process starts when your pcm states you are resiliant to treatment. If I stop going to physical therapy/complain due to pain and later on have a problem will I lose my commission anyways?
Currently red on medpros due to adjustment disorder? (I have memory loss and kind of bummed out I regret volunteering to go to work that day)
Thank you I'm unsure how any of this works only go to sick call when I really need to therefore no record.


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With little information to go on, I would recommend getting your medical issues completely resolved before worrying about your commission packet.

Most programs have multiple sign-up periods so don't rush it.


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Mood and anxiety disorders are very prevalent post-TBI. Often the symptoms of mild TBI take months to dissipate. I hope you will consider not taking on any additional stress until you have given yourself plenty of time to recover.

As for an MEB, I'd hope you would be given time to stabilize, before that is even serious considered by the medics. Take care.

Best wishes


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Not necessarily. Generally, an MEB would take place if the Doc has seen you for a condition for a certain amount of time (6 months is common) and your status is not improving or not expected to.
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