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Does anyone have any personal experience or information about home awaiting orders for a PEB in the navy??
Does anyone have any personal experience or information about home awaiting orders for a PEB in the navy??
If any Army or or Air Force, there are similar laws I'm going to suggest, for you to ask for a formal medical evaluation board. The reason is you're not there you don't know what they are using for evidence. And they hope that no veteran will challenge this. The next thing is while you're informal hearing, you will bring your own evidence and keep your mouth shut they will first give you all the evidence they have and you will get to argue each and every article while being recorded at the hearing. Then you give your evidence and if there's any missing evidence ask yourself the question why and you're going to mention it in the hearing. I do not know the rules and regulations that govern fair and impartial hearing at the VA. Similar to secretary Navy instructions 1850 that can be found on the Internet for when you're in the military but a future be one loss 7024a and the secretary of Navy instructions 1850, you will see what fair and impartial hearing is that his evidence will be first produced after the oath, and everybody gets to argue including you as the petitioner if there's any missing evidence you're going to mention what the missing evidence is, then you produce under 7024c your evidence. You don't let your representative pick and choose what you're going to show his evidence, remember these people are all being paid by the US government and one way or another. Obviously you know the Code of Federal Regulations 38, read that and read it again and look at it and say where does my medical condition said in this game. And every time you read on the Internet and paste that onto another document. And write notes to why you think that should apply to your medical argument. If you have a medical condition that is not readable then it goes by your symptomology. Before you go to your medical VA argument demand request and request a request for all your medical records. You will be shocked upon how much information has been lost. This could be easily remedied with several changes in our laws. Do not accept the findings and signed the separate paper that says accept or decline. If you accept the finding all they gotta do is change the medical report and it looks like you accepted this other medical report. Put the medical report that they give you, and he accepted letter, on top. Pull it over 1/2 an inch to the left. Now take those documents and turn them counterclockwise 90°. Sign your name across both on the top, then write any four words you want to finish so your writing across the complete document. In the event to three years down the road they say this is what you signed and you see the acceptance letter, you should see half of the writing on that acceptance letter, and if the letter they're showing you does not match, or have the same writing yours has you've got him. I know I'm paranoid but go through what I've gone through my life you would be