Hoping for a Positive Outcome : MDD, Brain Surgery, LOH, & Seizure


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A year ago an MEB didn't even seem like a factor in my life, now I am well deep into it on so many levels. I just hope the end result is satisfactory. I had planned on separating on my original DOS, 10 November 2018, and going back to school.

AD, USAF, SSgt, 8 Years,

Struggled with depression, anxiety, SI/MI since 2010. Sought limited medical assistance for fear of career impact. Reached a breaking point upon PCSing to current base (Spring 2017), spoke to mental health… and the “flood gates opened”. Noticed ringing in ear (tinnitus) since 2013. Saw multiple doctors over the years, dismissed as stress, dirty ears, HBP. In 2017 I noticed hearing loss along with the tinnitus, long story short a large benign brain tumor was discovered. Had it removed, only noteworthy side effect was total hearing loss on my left side. Received code 37 notification for MDD while on convalescent leave for surgery. While on con leave I also had a seizure and fractured/tore something in my shoulder.

13 February 2017 – Initial MH Appointment
03 March 2017 – Ear Ringing PCM Appointment (maybe it’s HBP)
28 March - 27 July 2017 – Intensive Outpatient Therapy for MDD
13 June 2017 – Ear Ringing, Hearing Loss PCM Appointment
29 June 2017 – Hearing Test
13 July 2017 – Additional Neuro Centric Hearing Tests
28 July 2017 – Benign Neoplasm Diagnosis (Brain Tumor)
05 September – Confirmation of Tumor Diagnosis/Prognosis at UAB Medical Center
21 September 2017 – Craniotomy, Brain Tumor Resection
22 September - 27 November – Convalescent Leave
29 September 2017 – Code 37 Notification
12 October 2017 – Grand Mal Seizure, Fractured Bone in Shoulder
16 October – Unconfirmed 2nd seizure
09 January 2018 – 2nd Code 37 notification
20 February 2018 – IRILO Package Submitted to AFPC
07 March 2018 – Results from AFPC, Referral to IPEB
02 April 2018 – VA MSC Meeting
19 April 2018 – C&P Exams Complete
03 May 2018 – Called PEBLO, Confirmed Receipt of C&P Results

Unfitting Conditions:
Intracranial Surgery
Cranial Neuropathy
MDD, recurrent, severe, w/o psychotic features, w/anxious distress
Total Left Sided LOH

Besides the 6 unfitting conditions listed above, the VA also examined me for the following:
Shoulder injury
Wrist pain
Tinnitus – despite being totally deaf on my left side it still rings
Scar from surgery
Flat feet
Toe fracture
Anxiety – may be separate, not quite sure
Allergic rhinitis
Knee – the doc told me my knees are bad, idk, not in my actual medical records


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I've noticed most people seem to sign there 618 in 2 weeks or less from when the PEBLO receives C&P results. Is this the norm?


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23 May 2018 – Reviewed Package and Provider's addendum, Signed 618

PEBLO mentioned creating a Letter of Exception. Is it wise to complete one? Or will it have a minimal impact on my case? Ideally I just want this process to be over, but I don't want to accidentally make the outcome unfavorable.


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A letter of exception is a good thing to have. It goes almost all the way to the top of your pile of information and it lets the board know what your side of the story is and what you're intentions/wishes are. I constructed a simple MFR with the guidance of "Try to make it not sound like you're telling the board what you want, but what is best for the air force/squadron you're in."

I've messaged you my letter, hope it helps.


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29 MAY 2018 - myPers notification, package at AFPC Physical Disability Operations Branch

Should be 6-8 weeks from now, if all the information is sufficient. Hoping I'm close to the end.


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17 June 2018 - Ebenefits updated to "Pending Decision Approval"

Is this an actual indication of progression in the whole MEB process? Or is this just like a small check box for the VA?


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It is a sign of progress, but not a final decision. Every decision goes to a reviewer inside the VA. Your file is now in that stack.


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18 June 2018 - Vets.gov states disability claim case "closed"
19 June 2018 - MyPers notification "IDES case at PEBLO"
20 June 2018 - Meeting with PEBLO to review AF form 356

DoD 40% Permanent Medical Retirement
VA 80%

I'm pretty satisfied with the results. What is the overall benefit of medical retirement? Is there additional monetary compensation?
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