How common are conditions that should go through an MEB, get unnoticed, only to reemerge several years later?


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This happened to me. I've been struggling with anxiety and depression for years. 10 to be exact and they decide to do an MEB on me. This caught me off guard since I've been able to manage to do my job all these years, why the MEB all of a sudden? anyway, I can do my job but struggle, but I mostly struggle outside of work. My concern is that since they never did an MEB to begin with, that this first MEB will be an accumulation of me being on meds, seeing doctors, therapits, etc. over the past 10 years. I'm afraid that they will look at this and say "wow, you've been in 10 years and you haven't improved all that much, we should probably let you go" does anyone have any experience with this?


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The problem you are facing takes time to come out. But 10 years is seriously a much longer time. In these 10 years when you consulted the doctors what did they told you about your problems, what they prescribed does not help you even a bit. Do not be afraid of doing things, be afraid of not trying anything. May be by taking this step. You will be able to come out of your problems. If this also does not work, you can try taking help of a clairvoyance like Voyance Pure. My aunt was in depression for around 4 years, it is less than yours but still pretty long time. Someone then told her to consult a clairvoyant, she did and slowly she was able to come out of these problems. Even you can try if you find it useful for yourself.
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