How did it end for you?


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Some basic info to start. I'm getting out of the Army, stationed at Ft. Eustis, Staff Sergeant with 10 years.

I have a few questions for how the whole process ends because I am a single parent with 3 kids and plan on using the Vocational Rehab benefits to add a year on for college because my disabilities won't let me continue what I do outside in the civilian world.

My informal PEB found my unfit on 27SEP, and VA is waiting on a response from the C&P examiner to clarify a few things before issuing my ratings, last I heard. The IDES lawyer approximates my ratings at 30% DOD 80%VA. So I am basing my current plan off of Medical Retirement at this time.

School starts on the 29th of January and I am moving back to California for school so I can be near family to help with the kids for a little bit. How does the whole travel thing work for Medically Retired? Is it the same as retired (send you to where you want) or same as being separated (send you to HoR)? How does that pay work, do I use my Government Travel Card like all my other PCS moves or is it back to the old school method of pay out of pocket/DFAS advance? Do you get all of the same entitlements of a PCS move such as DLA, TLA, etc?

What about leave days? I've heard CONUS you get 10 days PTDY, is that accurate? I've accrued 28 days of leave, so with PTDY that makes 38. Then I'm not sure how they calculate travel days, is that the same as regular PCS, being 300 miles per day, that makes it about 9 days. Then total ill have 47 days of "Terminal Leave"? That means I'll essentially be able to GTFO before Holiday Block Leave and be in CA with my family then, still earning that good Army paycheck up until school starts and my Voc Rehab BAH-VA retirement kicks in?

Any light that anyone can shed on any of my questions would be greatly appreciated!! I have looked around these forums quite a bit and still have not really found the answers to the questions I am looking for. Thanks in advanced!


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Hey man.

Have you talked to your S1 by any chance? If you have questions about VOC rehab, I'm using it right now. I do know that retirement is retirement and that you can be moved anywhere you want to go. But your other questions, hit up the S1.


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You get a final move at government expense. It is more or less like other moves you made while in the service. But you will no long have a travel card. PCS moves pay different than TDY, that hasn't changed.
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