How hard is it for people to just do their jobs?


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Beyond aggravated right now with PSD and my VA Rep.

So I'm told by my VSO to send my DD-214 as soon as I get it and he'll upload everything. A week goes by and nothing is uploaded so I did it myself. After this, I called DFAS to verify everything is good and apparently PSD sent them a bunch of incomplete paperwork back in March and never sent the entire package. So she explains that I won't get a retirement check for at least 2 months. Now, nobody at PSD will take my call after leaving voicemails to 3 different people including the Dept. Head.

Spoke to my VSO after talking to DFAS to verify once again I didn't need to do anything else from him and he says no, we are good on this end and to expect compensation to hit in 60-90 days??!! WTF!!

Luckily I had some money saved to cover bills and what not and have an interview this week making over $25/hr but come on! I don't understand how people can suck so bad at doing a job as easy as paperwork. F$&#


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Brother you are not alone. DFAS told me today that being a reservist. The process to get paid is longer than active duty retirees. Active duty retirees has wiggle room with going on terminal leave. That way DFAS has time to build their retirement account.

It has been 60 days since I have retired. And I am not sure when I will get paid.
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