How Long is a MEB Physical good for.


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I have been waiting on my narrative summary for some time now.

My question is, How long is your MEB Physical good for?

Reason I am asking, My PEBLO said "they have" 6 months to complete the Narrative Summary from your last MEB physical.

If after 6 months has passed from your last MEB Physical, they will have to start all over again.

Thank you.


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yes, that is true. if it takes you more than 6 months to send the final packet to the PEB, then you have to pretty much do everything all over again.

they took their sweet time on my NARSUM too, 3 months, and then ANOTHER month just to get all the signatures for the packet. i was only 1 week short of hitting 6 months. i get angry when i read people around here whining that their NARSUM took them 3 weeks to get. try waiting 3 months!

Jeep Freak

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I'm sorry but you made me laugh (BreatheEasy). Your are so right, people are going to complain no matter what. I'm tired, upset, and being abused as well but I'm choosing to drag this out for fear of not being able to get a job on the outside. I was told today that we will be getting the IDEA program here 1 July. I'm thinking I will have better luck under this system so another reason to hold out. Nothing has been done on my MEB since the beginning of Oct. I have now been assigned a case manager because of all of my issues, she claims that she will get it moving.


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I am in a similar boat.

date physical exam completed 9/20/2010

date physician dictated narrative summary 10/31/2010

The VA ended up diagnosing me with PTSD, after two appointments the Army concurred and I waited on an addendum which was completed on 2/15/2011

Have been waiting on NARSUM signatures since.

Jeep Freak I feel your pain about trying to find work after, the thing is you cannot plan for anything while in this process. I have missed multiple job opportunities while waiting and am stressing out and losing my patience in this waiting game. I cannot even take college classes with my Army TA because my ETS date is past due and medical extensions only run for 2 months which does not alot me enough time to complete the class before my new ETS date. My whole life is on hold and my already short fuse is about gone.

Is there a website or link I can find the expected timelines. I.E. time alloted for NARSUM signitures, time alloted for addendum completion, etc. etc.
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