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How you know when you are in PDRL ?


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Hello everyone, I am trying to see if any of you have the answer to my questions. I was put on TDRL on June 2020. (Medically retired due to 3 conditions, 2 of them permanent but the PTSD was not permanent and was subject to reevaluation). On June 2021 I had my reevaluation for PTSD and I got a letter from VA stating the rate still the same for PTSD (50%). My question is: Am I know be transferred to PDRL or Should I expect more evaluations? How I know if I am on PDRL ? I have not received anything saying that I am on PDRL.
Thank you to anybody who can provide me with some guidance. Thanks !!


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The Wren

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If your other 2 conditions were permanent getting you the 30% to retire without calculating the 50% PTSD then your good regardless of the outcome of the 50% from TDRL TO PDRL. So the wording may still say TDRL until the PTSD is resolved. Use the VA calculator and add up the other 2 conditions minus the 50%, then you'll know where you stand.