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I am writing because I recieved a letter via certified mail from the Department of Defense stating that I may be eligible for additional consideration. I served from 12/26/2000 to 7/20/2005. I was medically separated amd declared unfit for service due to a service connected disability. I was given a 10% disability rating from the Air Force and severance pay in excess of $15000.00 and a. The $15000.00 was then recovered by a reduction in my disability pay until the severance pay was "recovered" .
My rating didn't account for the multiple ankle operations, the permanent hardware left in my ankle, the rebuilt ligaments, the loss of strength and range of motion, etc.
Assuming that the above information is correct and the PDBR finds in my favor and grants me retiree status, what would happen as far as change in pay, backpay, change in disability/retirement status, etc? What is the time table for arriving at a decision and how do I check for status updates? Is there a point of contact that I can speak to for more specific questions?


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PDBR can take two years. There are too many variable to answer the $ questions.


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As Charlie stated it is a 2+ year wait. A very long process.

If the board finds in your favor and increases your rating the backpay and Tricare would not come into effect unless you met the 30% threshold for medical retirement. If that happens you become eligible for Tricare, receive a retired ID card, get access to base for shopping, and can even take the Space A flights.

As far as backpay it is a beast with too many moving parts to say one way or the other until you have your decision. Just plan on (if you do get retirement) not getting any backpay as many don't.

There is an email that you can write to find out the status. Once you apply you can start emailing them. But wait at least 6 months before emailing them the first time as you won't see any movement in it before that, other than records gathering.

I can get you the email address if you decide to apply.


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You are also eligible for retrograde Tricare...which can be important if you or you family has paid out expenses. For example, I had insurance, however my co-pays were in the tens of thousands. After about 10 months of searching, I figured out whom to contact to get the claims in, however YOU ONLY HAVE 1 YEAR TO MAKE A CLAIM.
Did anyone (or does anyone) have any issues with this, like I did?
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